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Security Guards For Employee Termination in Miami, Florida –

There are many reasons why you might need to fire an employee. Sometimes, it is because of continuous low productivity or because your company is downsizing, so it’s completely out of your hands. In other instances, an employee might be causing troubles in the workplace so you need to remove them to protect other employees.

All in all, you can never be certain how the terminated employee will react upon receiving the news. They could peacefully accept the information and leave but they might become aggressive and attempt to assault you or damage the equipment.

How To Handle Employee Termination Peacefully

1. When planning to give the bad news to an employee, think about how they might feel and try to give them some privacy. If possible, make sure the conversation is not heard by other employees so that the terminated employee doesn’t have to feel humiliated upon leaving your office. This might be a very difficult experience for them, so think of ways to make it less unpleasant.

2. If you know that the employee in question has anger issues or could be potentially dangerous, ensure that you give them the bad news in a safe location. That means a security guard should be present in the room with you when you terminate the employee’s contract. That way, should they attempt to assault you or damage office equipment, a trained security guard will be right there to stop them and escort them out of the premises.

3. Prepare the payment right away. Have the final check ready even before you invite the employee to your office to tell them your decision. This might help calm them down and potentially prevent any angry outbursts.

4. Explain the decision. As always, communication is key, so it’s vital to explain the reasons behind this termination clearly. Make sure the employee knows it’s not personal.

5. Offer the employee outplacement services. Sometimes, employers offer outplacement services as a benefit to help them secure a new job. The fear of not being able to find a new job and provide for their family could cause an employee to lose their temper and retaliate. Helping them find employment can reduce that risk significantly.

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