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It’s crucial to carefully evaluate a tailored plan whenever you have a location where lots of people congregate in order to have more than enough protection to ensure their safety. Food courts, eateries, and retail stores—all of which can be found in strip malls around the nation—are top candidates for protection in areas where big crowds of people from all walks of life congregate.

In addition to patrolling the front doors, parking lots, the backs of the buildings, and alleyways, security should be present within the business and out in public. They should also make regular rounds of the strip mall’s perimeter. In virtually every corner of a city in America, there is a strip mall. Small company entrepreneurs provide their services and generate employment chances for locals in your neighborhood.

As the owner of a strip mall, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your tenants, their staff, and their clients. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the California Department of Justice (DOJ) conduct background checks on our Los Angeles strip mall security guards. Due to their accessibility, strip malls are frequented by vandals, graffiti painters, and taggers.

Secure Your Strip Mall

The back of strip malls is typically dark, unlit, and poorly protected, in contrast to the front, which is frequently exposed to bright street lighting where passersby can easily spot suspicious activity and call authorities. This makes strip malls a particularly attractive target for graffiti artists and taggers. Additionally, they frequently have alleyways that are hardly frequented by cars in the late evening and early morning, which gives them a prime opportunity to strike.

Graffiti removal and expensive property repairs can be expensive every year, taking a significant portion of your income while driving up the cost of your strip center insurance. Americans lose roughly $12 billion a year to graffiti alone. Because booze stores and convenience stores like 7eleven are frequently present in strip malls, vagrants often linger around the property.

Because they are a frequent destination for inebriated clients trying to purchase further alcohol for the rest of the evening on nights and weekends, liquor stores in and of themselves present a bigger danger for property owners. Your parking spaces are right outside late-night clubs and liquor stores, which are popular temporary hangouts for drunks, partygoers, and thrill seekers coming through for a snack break and a liquor run. This makes them the scene of many fights, assaults, rapes, and other questionable activities.

This could put visitors to your property in danger, and you might be held responsible for any injuries they sustained as a result of your negligent, careless, or inadequate security measures. It’s time to take the security of your investment and everyone who visits your property every day seriously. A small security crew is preferable to becoming entangled in years of expensive litigation due to mishaps and injuries on your property (some of which could even put the owner out of business) that should have been prevented in the first place. Contact us now to learn more.

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