Nationwide Fire Watch Guards

Nationwide Fire Watch Guards

Nationwide Fire Watch Guard Service If you’ve taken our advice seriously and wish to ensure a safe workplace while protecting your property and equipment at the same time, it’s time to tell you more about why we’re the ones you should hire. XpressGuards fire watch guards is composed of a team of highly-trained professionals with […]

24 Hour Watch Guards

24 Hour Fire Watch Guards

24 Hour Fire Watch Guard Service Our fire watch guards are available 24 hours per day. The cost of fire watch guard service can vary depending on what kind of services you need as well as the location. Typically, a fire watch service costs about $35-$50 per hour. This is for pre-scheduled services, routine checks/patrols […]

Emergency Fire Watch Services Company

Emergency Fire Watch Guards

Emergency Fire Watch Guard Service Hiring our emergency fire watch guards is often required at high-risk workplaces such as construction sites (during hot work), or in cases of anti-fire system malfunctions in the building. Our emergency fire watch guards are tasked with patrolling the affected area or areas and inspecting everything at 15-minute or …

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