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Emergency Fire Watch Guard Service

Hiring our emergency fire watch guards is often required at high-risk workplaces such as construction sites (during hot work), or in cases of anti-fire system malfunctions in the building. Our emergency fire watch guards are tasked with patrolling the affected area or areas and inspecting everything at 15-minute or 30-minute increments (or at every hour).

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Emergency Fire Watch Guard

Our fire watch guards have clear instructions to follow and they have been fully trained to tackle safety situations in order to prevent death, injury, and damage to property.

Our emergency fire watch guards seek to identify fire hazards and alert the building manager. If we detect smoke or fire, our fire watch guards immediately alert the fire department.

Emergency Fire Watch Guard Duties

A typical emergency fire watch patrol consists of:

  • Patrolling the premises/affected areas in buildings or construction sites. Patrols are performed around the clock, 24 hours if necessary
  • Ensuring all exist are clear
  • Documenting observations in the fire watch log after every patrol (including the date and time of each patrol)
  • Following the instructions from the building’s safety procedure plan
  • Reporting smoke, fire or any other safety issue the our fire watch guard detects
  • Communicating with the building manager/supervisor, fire department, and others

Our emergency fire watch guards can work in shifts if necessary while the number of fire watch guards needed depends on the situation. In case a fire alarm is not working properly, our emergency fire watch guards use a whistle to alert the residents of smoke or fire. Our fire watch guards don’t attempt to perform any tasks they haven’t been given the permission for and that is not deemed to be safe.

Our emergency fire watch guards don’t attempt to put out a fire on their own. Instead, they alert the fire department. Contact us for more information about our emergency fire watch guards.

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