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Elections are coming up in November 2020 and President Donald J. Trump already announced that he wants to have law enforcement guarding the Poll booths nationwide. Why does the president of the United States want to guard the poll booths? Well, the main reason is to make sure that the election runs smoothly and fairly. Like every election, poll booths are targets of criminals and therefore security guards are in high demand during the time of elections.

Security in voting stations is an effort between the managers of that voting stating and security guards. They have the responsibility to oversee the security for that voting station. Also, they must make sure that the officials in the voting station can count the votes without any mistakes.

Prevent Security Risks

The risk level per voting station depends on whether security guards are being used or not. In a relatively secure environment, you will not see any security guards around the poll booths. However, in an environment where the risk of escalation is high, security guards will be posting at the poll booths. In the days before the elections, a security assessment is conducted to determine whether a specific location is labeled as a high-risk environment.

Security guards are also used to protect the voting materials like ballots, voters’ lists, machines, and other valuable voting equipment. In most cases, the voting stations are set up a few days prior to the actual elections. To prevent people from tampering with the ballots or even the voting equipment, security guards are hired.

So, even if the national guard is not used, it is highly likely that some voting stations are going to hire Poll booth security guards for the 2020 election. Especially given the fact that 2020 has proven that anything can happen. Contact us now for more information.

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