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You seldom see them, but they are extremely important to keep your business, employees, and guests safe at night: Night security guards. Since you hardly see them, you might be wondering what their duties are. How are they keeping your business safe when you are asleep?

Night security guards are persons who are watching over the lobby at night, which can refer to different types of companies and institutions. Think, for example, of hotels, hospitals, and nursing homes. All companies and institutions that are accessible at night generally use night security guards. A night security guard’s main duty is to oversee general safety at night.

Another important task of a night security guard is to inform guests and visitors when they arrive or leave at night. Regular inspection rounds are also generally part of the duties of a night security guard. Other duties of a night security guard may include keeping records of incoming and/ or outgoing guests so that the morning shift can process this information.

Professional Night Security Guards

The function of a night security guard cannot be described unambiguously, because the activities can differ per company and institution. The profession of night security guard has common ground with the profession of a receptionist, with the important difference that a night security guard does not have to be responsible for general administrative activities.

A night security guard is responsible for supervising the general safety of the guests present and/or patients if it concerns a healthcare institution. Public buildings, such as hotels and care institutions, cannot operate without a night security guard. Within larger business premises, there may even be several security guards, all of whom are responsible for specific departments.

The work performed by a night security guard can also be seen as access control because it is important to know who exactly enters or leaves during the night. Contact us to request a free quote now.

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