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When considering security guard needs, one of the important questions to answer is whether you will hire an armed security guard or an unarmed security guard. Both types are in high demand in the business and private security market. But when do people typically choose for an armed security guard and when are unarmed security guards hired?

To answer these questions, it is important to look at the duties of both the armed and unarmed security guards. Essentially, the main duties are the same. They both need to protect their client, the client’s business, and everything that is considered part of the client’s business. In the case of event security, both the armed and unarmed security guards are mainly responsible for protecting the visitors and, in the case of a concert, the celebrities performing at the event.

Armed Security For Luxury Events

Organizers of luxury or controversial events are often guarded by armed security guards. There are several reasons why organizers will not choose for unarmed security guards, but it all comes down to the perception of the visitors at the events. For example, the annual Yacht show in Miami attracts the richest people in the world who are looking to purchase a luxury yacht. They have a lot to lose and they are always targeted by criminals. Therefore, they expect to be protected at all times and they do not mind seeing armed security guards around them. They are often already used to them anyway.

In case the organizer of an event knows that visitors at the event prefer not to see firearms, he or she will hire unarmed security guards. You can think of a concert which should be a pleasant time for everyone. In case visitors would see armed security guards all over the event site they might feel frightened and they would not be able to enjoy their favorite artist. Contact us to request a free quote now.

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