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Security is one of the most important factors when running a business or owning a property. If you neglect to adopt the best security practices for your organization’s physical location, you might be leaving your business open to an attack. Here are some steps to ensure that you create a safe secure environment.

Risk Assessment

Doing a risk assessment will help to identify any weak points there may be in your business. Employees can be a great source of information. They can help you identify the areas of your security operations that need to be improved.

Secure Entry Points and Perimeter

There may be several ways of getting into your property that intruders may be able to exploit. Implementing effective access control measures is the first step to tighten the security of your building. Appropriate fencing, security lighting and installation of CCTV and alarms are also great options.

Know Your Staff and Visitors

Background checks on employees can help prevent hiring the wrong employee and possibly reduce employee theft. Also implementing a signing in and out system or visitor passes can help keep track of everyone who comes in and out of your premises.

Protect Your Business Online

With cyber-crime is on the rise, businesses need to be aware of more than just physical security. Now businesses need to ensure their computer systems are well protected also. Invest in quality anti-virus and firewall technology. Also, regularly back up your documents and files to allow restoration of anything that is lost or deleted.

Install CCTV and Alarms

Make it obvious that your building is well secured since this can deter potential intruders. Prominently displaying CCTV and alarm systems could make someone think twice about attempting to break-in.

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