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How to Help Prevent Wildfires? –

Fire is a constant danger. In 2021, from January to June, there were over 28,000 wildfires. By the end of the year, that number might double.

What is even more tragic is the fact that most of them were caused by people. About 90% of wildfires were a result of human actions while only about 10% were caused by natural causes. That means these fires and massive damages could be prevented.

How Can You Help Prevent Wildfires?

One of the common reasons wildfires occur are campfires left unattended. It’s crucial to be responsible when lighting fire in nature. A small fire can quickly spread, burn acres of land, and cause incredible damage.

To prevent that, always extinguish the campfire before leaving the site. Double check whether the fire has been completely put out before moving on. Also, inspect the area before setting up a campfire to ensure there are no flammable materials around.

Report a Fire

Report fire if you see one. Calling the local fire department or authorities right away will help in containing the fire before it becomes uncontainable. This is why many sites have fire watch guards patrolling the area and monitoring for any sign of fire hazards. If they notice anything suspicious, they immediately alert the authorities and take steps to minimize the damage.

In dry and hot weather, it is best to avoid activities that involve fire. In periods of droughts, trees can get caught in fire more easily compared to cold, humid weather.

Burning debris is also one of the causes of wildfires so be very, very careful about that. If it is windy, a seemingly normal thing such as burning something on your own property can turn to a wildfire. If you burn debris, stay vigilant for as long as the fire is on and always have water nearby. Contact us now for more information.

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