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Jewelry Store Security –

Running any kind of business carries its risks and theft is one of them. However, if you own a jewelry store, the risk is much higher since the goods inside are incredibly valuable.

Jewelry stores are often targeted by robbers who don’t refrain from using weapons to threaten or hurt the jeweler. Unfortunately, these robberies can not only end in a huge financial loss but in physical harm as jewelers are often shot or injured.

In 2021, jewelry crimes are still high and will continue to be given the high value of the inventory. This calls for dedicated jewelry store security services.

Hiring a Professional Security Company

Hiring the services of a professional security company will ensure all safety measures are taken to protect you and your property.

However, not all jewelry stores are the same, therefore, customized solutions are necessary. Skilled security guard companies will first perform a risk assessment and then devise a security plan specific to your needs.

Video surveillance is one of the key factors in jewelry store security as the footage can capture the perpetrators and help identify them in court. Even though robbers usually wear masks and cover their faces, actual footage can still aid in identifying and catching the thieves.

Security Cameras, Guards and Alarms

Along with security cameras, jewelry store security guards will install alarms so that the law enforcement is immediately alerted if an intruder enter the store. A complete security system in place will detect intrusion thanks to sensors and motion detectors. Your chosen security company can also install a panic button which allows you to instantly alert the authorities in case of an intrusion.

When you hire a trusted security company, they will apply their skills and expertise to set up a security system that will protect your store from robberies and shoplifting, and protect you from violent intruders.

Given the value of your inventory and the high rates of jewelry store crimes, investing in security services is a must. Not only will it reduce the financial damage but will ensure your safety as well. Contact us now for more information.

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