is my boyfriend tracking my car using gps

A GPS tracking device is useful for finding people and locating assets. It is often abused by the government to track people without their permission. There’s a lot of complaints from people stating that specific individuals are following them around, without their knowledge.

If appropriate, investigate your suspicions that you may be a target of surveillance and follow your gut. You may be monitored for any number of reasons. A jealous spouse, stalker, or many other reasons that are alarming, and securing your vehicle is easier than you think.

About GPS Trackers

GPS Trackers are usually small, easy to conceal and are concealed in or around a target’s property or vehicle. Different GPS tracking devices include different sizes and costs. A battery-powered GPS is usually concealed which means the person who placed a tracker on your car must have access to a power source.

If you suspect someone is stealing your belongings without your permission, here are some helpful tips to discover that they are using a covert GPS tracking device. If you are targeted, we can help uncover the truth and location of the tracking device and protect you from the perpetrator.

When you first start, you should inspect the vehicle thoroughly. While inspecting the vehicle, look for all areas that may have been contaminated by spilled fuel or oil. GPS trackers can be hidden inside tight sealed bumpers that can be secured with Velcro.

Check every region of the vehicle, to ensure that no electronic devices remain. Locations that are hard to see, try to run your hands and fingers through and feel for small devices that shouldn’t be there. In order to find a GPS Tracker, you must be thorough.

You should search ALL of the locations below:

  • Inside the plastic bumper of the vehicle
  • In Bug Shield in front of the vehicle.
  • Inside Rear Speakers or Under Rear Dash Behind Glove Box
  • In between large window and small hood
  • Under or over the seat
  • Within glove box
  • Rear seat pockets
  • Tires, Quarter Panels, Grills and Trunks

What Types of Hidden GPS Trackers Are in Existence?

There are passive trackers and active trackers. GPS trackers, also known as passive trackers, collect data to an internal drive. Active GPS devices will instantly provide the user with the current location of the device.

These do not communicate signals and cannot be found using a GPS byte-by-byte bug sweep package. In essence, these are simple and do little to promote communication. An active tracker needs to be physically recovered in order to be known for its final location history.

Satellite Based GPS Trackers

But there are also the satellite-based, real-time GPS Trackers.This is the most crucial part most people care about. Real-time GPS trackers that allow others to locate the user at any given time. These internet-connected GPS trackers communicate your location through cellular signals. However, it’s those signals that GPS detectors are able to detect.

While inspecting your vehicle for a GPS device, look for a waterproof black box attached to the vehicle with a magnet to test it for a GPS sensor. If you can pull it off, it is unlikely it was bought at a dealership. Inside you will find the GPS tracking device. Passive and active GPS devices can be covertly installed in both clothing and objects such as car seats. A thorough review is necessary to recover your privacy.

Active trackers send real time data information back to the person spying on you, and these data can be tracked with a GPS Tracking Detection device. To find a hidden GPS tracking device, follow the rules below.

Before you use your GPS tracking device, complete the following pre-sweep actions:

  • Turn off the following electronic devices, such as Wi-Fi routers near your car
  • Turn off the Hot Spot feature on your phone

By turning off your electronic devices, you will greatly reduce the number of false positives detected. Do not use any device near your detector that may signal your detector during a TSCM sweep.

Active Live GPS

Only an active LIVE GPS can be detected each and every time it sends your location. A data logger that only records history of where someone travels cannot be detected, but still can be found using tools available on the market. Only emitting their location while the vehicle is in motion, live GPS trackers are hidden on your car. Location tracking systems broadcast signals at a rate of either ten, thirty, or sixty seconds apart. That pattern will provide evidence of the presence of the Tracker.

Take your car to a park or ball field away from other people’s cell phones. Moving parking spots are always best. Second, turn on your bug device and drive slowly and in large circles around the parking lot. While driving in big circles, you should make sure the detector lights up all 10 bars and spikes otherwise it will lose signal. If it is activating, then it has probably located an ACTIVE Signal. If in the 15-20 minutes while driving in circles, if your bug sweeping device redlines & spikes at that time pattern of 10, 30, or 60 seconds apart and continue to do so, then you have confirmed that there is a live tracking device on the vehicle.

Contact us for more information about GPS tracking devices. We offer bug sweep services for homes, vehicles and business owners.

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