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A secure telephone is a telephone that provides end-to-end encryption for the call, and in some cases, peer-to-peer authentication for the callers, protecting them against a man-in-the-middle attack. Concerned with the increased number of electronic surveillance incidents, demand has grown for secure telephones.

The practical availability of secure telephones is restricted by politics, export issues, incompatibility between different products (the devices on each end of the call must use the same protocol), and high price.

The Most Secure Smartphones to Protect Privacy From Hackers and Spies

Have you worried that your conversations could be monitored by someone through your cell phone? Are you looking for a secure encrypted portable device for your phone or messaging? Do you want to keep all of your communications private, preventing anyone from being able to geo-localize or listen to you? Telecommunication lines provide hackers with access to sensitive information. You can find a wide range of our encrypted devices and secure cell phones which offer you professional protection against land line phone and cell phone eavesdropping and the risks related to privacy breach.

What is a portable, encrypted cell phone?

Mobile phones contain all aspects of your daily life and you can’t afford to jeopardize your calls for any reason. Military-grade secure phone systems, mobile phones with encrypted functions, and satellite phones are equipped with military grade encryption. These devices are difficult to hack, so they’re very reliable. They are perfect for any individual seeking to protect their privacy by way of secure data storage and removal.

Purchase an encrypted cell phone

An encrypted cell phone is more secure than an unlocked phone because it has the functionality to prevent unauthorized access to one’s personal information. To better understand how these encrypted devices work, we can view the lock on a house as a screen that blocks incoming messages. A lock on the front door prevents unwanted visitors from entering the home and taking property, but an intruder may choose to break the lock and enter anyway. You need multiple security levels to ensure that your data is safe. Within the security community, encryption is an important component of defense.

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