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Have you ever wondered how security guards stay fit? Health and fitness are synonymous with the performance of a security guard. Guards who are not in good shape will not perform optimally in the tasks assigned to them.

Officers in the right mental and physical conditions will deal better with the stress associated with the job. Being mentally strong helps react to situations appropriately. We at XpressGuards do not take our security personnel for granted, we hereby ensure they are work-ready and fit at all times.

Below you’ll fine some useful routines we encourage our security guards to practice:

Daily Exercise: A combination of three exercises, which includes Cardiovascular exercise (fast walking, biking, swimming, and generally any activity that involves rapid body movement over a while), resistance exercise (weight lifting), and stretching exercises which promotes blood flow through muscles and increases flexibility are necessary.

Nutrition: Without proper diet, working out to stay fit will not be sufficient because it needs to be leveled with good healthy food. Hence, the need for Proper dieting cannot be overemphasized.

Supplement: The role supplements play today is vital for good health. Supplements that are beneficial to diet, including a right multivitamin, antioxidant, fiber supplement, and artery cleansers, are recommended. However, we strongly advise natural supplements over artificial ones.

Adequate Sleep: Sleep is crucial, not just for security guards but also for every person. The importance of sleep is underestimated. A good night sleep increases productivity and the mind’s ability to work efficiently, which is why we ensure our security guards get enough sleep.

There is no doubt about the benefit of being healthy and fit in the security profession. Hence, at XpressGuards, we ensure that our officers stay fit and healthy. Get the security services you need on a budget. Call or message us now to get started.

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