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One of the ways to enhance a building’s security is the use of access control systems. They limit access and movements within the building. However, different components make this possible. They include:

Access cards: For sophisticated buildings, access cards replace keys. Each card comes with its unique code for a person. The cards look just like a regular credit card.

Card readers: Card readers read cards and consequently grant or deny access. Some require swipes, others require insertion, and reader proximity.

Electric locks: This locks/unlocks after a card swipe or code entry. They might be in the form of electric strikes, wired mortise, or even magnetic locks. The door type determines the kind of lock to be used. Electric locks are useful for fire emergencies.

Keypads: These are just like access cards. However, they are keypads that grant entry only when you input the correct pass-code. They provide an additional security layer, especially when used with access cards.

Door sensors: They help to detect motion, contact (fingerprints), or even heat. Sensors can grant or deny entry or serve as alarms.

Alarm systems: Alarms prevent unauthorized entry in case of a burglary. They also limit any damages from fire, electricity, or flood, and they can provide quick exits from a building.

Access control software: This is the central point of the system. It includes the system’s database and file manager. Thus, it runs on a computer. The software interacts with field panels and relays information.

Field panels: All other system components are connected to the control panels. Building and system sizes determine the number of control panels that you need. They are traditionally installed in communication closets.

Other access control system components include backup batteries, low voltage wiring, video surveillance, etc.

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