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The primary duty of a security guard is to protect people and the property they secure. Sometimes, this requires making difficult decisions in a crisis such as using their guns to shoot someone. But it is important to emphasize that security guards will not shoot people with the intent of killing them.

Security guards are trained in using weapons in case a situation leaves them no other choice. They know how to handle a gun, when and how to use it. However, security professionals are also trained in a range of methods for resolving conflict without using their weapons. They will not reach for their gun unless the situation is serious and there is no other way of resolving it. When a situation occurs, they will first apply the methods they have been trained to use to peacefully resolve the problem.

When Security Guards Might Use Their Gun

For example, in case an armed deranged person broke into the building and started threatening or shooting other people, a security guard will be forced to use his gun to stop them.

Not all security guards carry weapons at work. Those that do will not reach for it lightly. A security guard can only shoot someone if there is a danger of being harmed/killed. If they take such action, it is only to protect people, a job they’ve been hired to do. But even then, security guards do not shoot to kill but to stop the criminal from hurting others.

It is only in situations when there is no other way of stopping the threat that a security guard will reach for their weapons and shoot. So can a security guard shoot for you? The answer is yes, but only if they have to do it to protect you or your employees. Contact us for more information about our armed guards.

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