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Are you searching for a Boston security guard service that is qualified, dependable, and safe? A licensed Boston security guard will be licensed by the state and must have at least five years of experience working as a security guard. This experience helps ensure the person provides the highest level of security to their clients, while also being safe and dependable.

To begin your search for a qualified Boston security guard service, look on the internet. You can get a listing of security guards in your area by typing “security guard” into any major search engine. This should give you some initial information regarding the guards you are interested in hiring. Check on the website of each company, too, to make sure the website includes a full description of the person’s training and experience.

Work With Qualified Security Companies

Online references are helpful but don’t be pressured by them. You want to spend your time looking for a qualified and safe-guard service. Don’t let an online reference intimidate you, either. It’s a good idea to call up each security guard company that you find online and ask questions about their service.

Some security guard companies offer safety training that allows their employees to do basic jobs, such as filing paperwork and answering the phone. Other security guard services provide training on more complex jobs that require more knowledge and skill than this basic safety training provides. Check into these types of services as well and see if these are offered in your local area.

Hire a Licensed Security Guard Company

When you are talking with security guard companies in your area, don’t forget to inquire about their licensing requirements, as well as their background checks. These types of inspections are crucial, because they will allow the company to prove they are a legitimate business. You also want to make sure your security guard service can provide training for your employees.

A security guard service that can show you training can be an asset to your company. If the training is complete and professional, it will help to ensure that your employees are qualified. Even if training doesn’t always seem to be offered in the areas you need, this is another opportunity to interview a new guard for your company. When you interview security guards, ask questions to help determine whether or not they can meet your security needs.

It’s important to remember, though, that a security service won’t simply train your security employees and give you a license and leave you to worry about them. When choosing security guards, make sure that the security guards you are considering can help you with the most issues that may arise, such as emergency situations, and other issues such as theft and property damage.

Choose a Security Guard Company That You’re Comfortable With

Whether you decide to use a Boston security guard service or go with a private security company, make sure you are comfortable with the security firm. They should be willing to answer any and all of your questions and be professional and honest.

Make sure to research security guard services in your area before hiring anyone to work for your company. If you do this research well in advance, you will be better prepared when you are speaking with security guards at various agencies. In addition to interviewing security guards in person, make sure you get a feel for the way they work.

Look For Testimonials Online

Make sure the security service you hire offers you references and testimonials. This will allow you to see how they respond to different customers and different situations, which can give you an idea of what type of security they provide. You should be able to contact the company you choose directly to ask questions about their service and provide references.

Ask for a written contract, which is a document outlining your security service and responsibilities. This contract should include the hours you will hire them, how much they will charge for these hours, what specific duties you will assign them to do, and any additional information that the company asks for. You should always have a copy of the contract so that you can review it before you sign it and keep it with you when you speak with your security guards. Also, the contract should outline when security guards can come to your business and what your insurance policy is for the services.

When you choose a security guard company, make sure you keep a record of every contact you make with the company. This will help you easily recall things when you need to contact the company again in the future. This will allow you to refer back to your contract and keep everything in one place. Contact us to get started with XpressGuards.

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James Bell
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"I've been working with XPressGuards for a little over a year now and they're very professional. Easy security company to work with and the security guards are always very alert. I highly recommend their services, and their private security top notch."

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"Our construction site needs year round security. It's a very big construction project in Midtown New York, and XPressGuards offers the best full service security service we found within our budget. I can vouch for XPressGuards. We hope to continue a long relationship with this security firm."

Steven Firestone
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"Working with XPressGuards has helped our Hotel in so many ways. XPressGuards is reasonably priced and highly respected in Los Angeles. The first thing that caught our attention was the way everyone was so knowledgeable and very professional. First class security company."

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