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Who uses private security guards? Private security guards are hired by businesses and individuals to protect people and companies from intruders and criminals. Not all private security is the same. Our private security guards duties may vary, but most security guards monitor the area and stay on the lookout for any suspicious activity. They report any criminal activity or incidents that they see during their work hours.

Private security guards patrol the area, monitor video surveillance, inspect the property, etc. They check all entry points to ensure the facility is safe. Private security guards deny entry to unauthorized individuals and check their identification.

One of their duties is also to ensure that all safety equipment is functional. Private security guards are allowed to detain offenders until the police arrive and take over.

Armed or Unarmed? 

Private security guards may also be hired by individuals (celebrities, business people, public figures) to escort them to various places. Depending on the job requirements, they can be armed or unarmed.

Armed security guards are usually needed at places where violence is possible. However, they will only use their lethal weapons if the situation cannot be deescalated in any other way.

Unarmed private security guards are needed more frequently. They are present at most shops, businesses these days, and handle patrolling, surveillance, etc. The fact they do not carry a weapon doesn’t mean that they are not highly useful. The mere presence of a security guard can deter criminals.

Protect People or Property

Private security guards can be hired to secure various places such as schools, shops, theaters, hotels, parks, shopping malls, churches, or they can be hired for personal protection (to protect a single person).

Private security guards are highly trained and excellent at emergency planning. They also excel in critical thinking so that they can handle a situation quickly and efficiently. Attention to detail and the ability to observe things even in crowds is also essential for private security guards. Contact us for more information about or private security guards.

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