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If you are contemplating to open a new business and you are wondering whether you need armed or unarmed security, it is good to see what other businesses do. If you, for example, are opening a business in a high-risk industry then you will need to reserve some budget to hire armed security. The big advantage of hiring armed security guards is that they are always highly trained and equipped with the latest weapons and gears. In this article, some of the businesses that have increased their armed security over the last years have been listed.

First, an increase in armed security is noticed in the retail industry. More retail establishments are deciding to protect their employees and inventory with armed security. Especially, the luxury retail businesses have been become targets of violent robberies recently. Therefore, it will not come as a surprise that they increased their security. This will help their employees and visitors in the store feeling safe. Additionally, criminals are scared off as they will think twice about robbing a heavily secured retail business.

Armed Security Guards

Second, financial facilities like banks, pawnshop, lending firms have partnered with a security firm that provides armed security guards. The security guards are posted mainly at the entrance of the building and check everyone who enters. They will scan purses, backpacks, and packages of every person. In case of a robbery, their primary responsibility is to protect the employees, clients, and visitors. If needed, they will use their firearms as well.

Lastly, in case of national or global health emergencies, people intend to panic quickly, and things can escalate fast. Hence, hospitals are hiring armed security to make sure that all people behave rationally and treat the nurses, doctors, and fellow patients with respect. The most important task in these unprecedented times for the armed security guards is to make sure that the healthcare workers are not bothered while doing their job. Contact us to request a free quote now.

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