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Have you ever heard of dispensary security? Perhaps not, so you might have a few questions about it. Dispensary security guards are trained professionals hired to protect a specialized store such as a cannabis dispensary.

Dispensary security protects your business by identifying threats and addressing security risks, all in order to protect you from theft and loss. Given the nature of the products sold in dispensaries, it is obvious that the store requires professional protection. This protection ensures that both the customers who want to purchase the products, and the staff working there, feel safe in that environment.

Even though the use of marijuana has been legalized in many states, there are still states where it is prohibited. Undoubtedly, it is highly desirable merchandise with a great monetary value and thus, can be targeted by thieves.

Prevent Losses and Protect Staff

To prevent losses and protect their staff and their customers, owners of marijuana dispensary stores hire dispensary security to minimize the risks. A dispensary security guard keeps an eye on who enters the store and monitors the surveillance cameras. If you don’t have CCTV cameras, our security team will install them for for you.

The job of dispensary security guards also includes ensuring safe transportation of the merchandise. They are aware of the state laws and regulations regarding cannabis, and this ensures that you are compliant with the local laws.

A security guard in a dispensary shop will remain vigilant so that no individual will enter unnoticed. If they notice suspicious behavior, security guards take immediate steps to neutralize the threat and protect your shop and your employees.

Given the above-mentioned value of marijuana products and their increasing popularity, running a dispensary shop without security guards is risky. If you’re thinking about hiring a security guard, contact us now so that we can talk about your security needs.

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