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What Security Guards Are Legally Allowed to Do –

If you’re looking to hire a security guard or perhaps becoming one, this question has probably crossed your mind. Security guards are pretty much like ordinary citizens but they are legally allowed to do some things/take some actions to protect their clients. However, this may depend on their license/authority level.

For example, security guards who worked in law enforcement are allowed to do more than regular security guards. Others have obtained special authorizations from their governments that allow them to take certain actions.

In general, security guards are allowed to:

Perform a citizen’s arrest. A security guard can arrest a person if they have committed a crime. However, the security guard must have witnessed it in order to legally arrest the perpetrator. In that case, a security guard can detain a person until the local police arrive and take over.

Search a person. A security guard can search someone but only if they get their permission or the permission is granted by their contract. Otherwise, they are not allowed to as only law enforcement officers have that power. However, if the security guard has reason to believe that a suspect has firearms and is, therefore, a danger to everyone, they can disarm them and search them. This is typically when a security guard detains a person.

Use weapons. Armed security guards are allowed to carry weapons and use them, but only if it is necessary. Security guards are expected to use sound judgement and only use weapons if they deem the situation cannot be resolved in any other way.

Use force. Security guards are also allowed to use force if the situation requires it. Again, they are obliged to try and resolve the situation peacefully, but if they deem the use of force is necessary when arresting a person, they should use reasonable force depending on the level of risk they are facing at the moment. Contact us, at XPressGuards, to learn more about our security services.

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