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Traffic Enforcement Security Guards

Our Traffic Enforcement Officers help keep traffic flowing smoothly by patrolling the streets and parking lots of businesses. Our Traffic Enforcement Officers assist in incident management by:

  • Coordinating emergency response resources
  • Traffic management to alleviate incident-related congestion
  • Debris removal
  • Re-opening routes as soon as it is safe to do so
  • Back up the local cops

Our Traffic Officers lessen the impact of incident-related congestion and the possibility of further incidents by clearing events fast.

Our Traffic Enforcement Officers Also Do The Following:

  • Keep you up to date with electronic message signs and information for local travel reports
  • If you have a breakdown or are involved in a collision or incident, we can assist you
  • Remove any vehicles that are damaged or abandoned
  • Provide movable road closures as well as temporary road closures
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The Best Local Traffic Enforcement Guards

Officers in charge of traffic enforcement have the authority to halt and control traffic, close lanes, and regulate traffic. A driver must follow the directives of a traffic officer. Failure to do so is a violation that can result in a fine as well as the suspension of your driver’s license. A broken down or abandoned vehicle can cause traffic congestion and accidents, especially on congested city streets and/or parking lots. If a Traffic Officer believes a vehicle is blocking traffic or threatening road users, they can legally order it to be relocated.

Our Traffic Enforcement Officers May Require a Vehicle To Be Removed If:

  • You are unable to relocate your vehicle in a timely manner
  • We feel your vehicle is parked in an inappropriate or dangerous location
  • You leave your car running unattended
  • In a live lane, your vehicle breaks down or is damaged, and you are unable to move it to a safe spot

To request the removal of a vehicle, our Traffic Enforcement Officers must be present at the scene. Before deciding to have a broken down car removed ourselves, we always check to see whether private arrangements have been made.

We’ll make sure to transport your vehicle to a safe location as soon as it’s safe to do so if it breaks down or is damaged. This is usually the hard shoulder or the closest emergency refuge location on a highway. If you need to leave the car unattended, notify a traffic officer or a police officer, or notify us by calling us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

More Information about Traffic Officers

Traffic guards, also known as traffic controllers or flaggers, are trained to place warning signs and barricades in a temporary traffic control zone to slow down traffic. They’ll set up equipment to notify approaching motorists of the event once they arrive. A variety of equipment is used by traffic guards, including but not limited to:

  • Signal flags are used to send messages
  • Stop/slow paddles are a type of signal hand sign
  • Wearing a traffic vest
  • Depending on the situation, a helmet or hard hat may be required

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) is a standards-setting organization that provides specifications, test methods, and recommendations for highway design and construction across the country. Despite its name, the organization represents more than just roadways; it also represents air, train, water, and public transportation. Although the Federal Highway Administration establishes rules and recommendations for the use of traffic control devices through the MUTCD, individual state and local authorities frequently add to or modify these principles.

The American transportation system is complicated and broad. From one region to the next, traffic volumes, vehicle types, driving styles, population density, speed limits, and a variety of other factors differ drastically. As a result, highway traffic control measures (such as equipment type and operation) are not uniform. The federal guidelines do not specify how traffic controllers, flaggers, or other traffic control staff should be certified. Because this task is delegated to a state or local entity, certification standards are not uniform and are implemented on a case-by-case basis. OSHA and state-level occupational safety bureaus both require safety standards (regardless of traffic control).

For Schools, Traffic Enforcement and Crossing Guards

Except for those who are duly sworn public safety officers, crossing guards have no arrest powers, cannot issue tickets, and can only forward the license plate numbers and other descriptors of alleged violators to local law enforcement, who decide what to do with the information. The outcome can range from nothing to a verbal warning to a written summons and fine.

There are no uniform standards governing who can be a crossing guard, where crossing guards can be stationed, or what a crossing guard can be used for. This individual could be a paid or volunteer employee of a school, a member of local law enforcement, a city employee, or a private contractor. For additional details, please contact us right away.

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