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XPressGuards, based in Los Angeles, is a leading mobile and cloud-based access management technology firm. We offer best-in-class service to our clients, as well as a wide range of exemplary trained and certified access control installers and integrators who are all well-versed in our technology and can sell and install the XPressGuards system adapted to your needs.

These licensed access control installers are well-known local solution suppliers of physical security systems for office, retail, education, places of worship, industrial, and multi-family buildings and campuses in Los Angeles and around Southern California. XPressGuards technology provides unique and adaptable access control capabilities, allowing you to support a wide range of credential types and access entry techniques. Some of the advantages of working with XPressGuards are as follows:

Using your mobile phone, you will have frictionless access

Mobile credentials are rapidly replacing badges and keycards, which users are tired of carrying about and, more critically, are readily duplicated or shared. When purchasing a physical security system, it is critical to invest in a system that is future-proofed, enables mobile credentials, and is supported on a cloud-based platform.

By exploiting three signals to open a door, XPressGuards has patented a Triple Unlock technology technique to ensure the mobile phone is the fastest, most reliable mobile solution available (Bluetooth, WiFi and Cellular). Furthermore, XPressGuards hands-free mobile technology allows you to keep your phone in your pocket or purse, stroll up to the door, and wave your hand to unlock it. This is the pinnacle of frictionless access, and XPressGuards is the pioneer in this field.

Keycards and fobs are supported

The usage of keycards and fobs as a credential for unlocking entry is supported by all XPressGuards enabled doors and entries, including elevators, parking garages, and turnstiles (as well as mobile). This implies that, in addition to the mobile option, all of your previous cards and fobs will operate with the XPressGuards system, and you’ll be able to utilize new, more encrypted fobs or keycards. Encrypted cards and fobs enabled by XPressGuards provide a significantly more secure option that cannot be readily reproduced or duplicated.

There is no need to install or administer any software or servers

For years, the access control business has been stagnant, and many installers are still selling outmoded systems that impose a significant financial and administrative burden on you, the client, by requiring you to purchase expensive software and servers to operate them. To maintain and administer those things, that means large initial costs and long-term recurrent costs. It also makes it difficult to access the program because it is normally locked away and cannot be easily serviced or updated.

Because XPressGuards software is cloud-based, you can manage your access control system from any browser, anywhere. You can access real-time reporting and events at any time and from any location. It doesn’t require any training, and all upgrades are performed automatically. It’s very simple to use. You may also combine it with your HR and IT software to synchronize users at the touch of a button, entirely eliminating the day-to-day administrative strain. Because the program is updated in real time, you always have access to the most up-to-date features without having to acquire new software or schedule upgrades at each of your sites.

A nationwide network of qualified installers who have been trained

Our access control system integration partners are seasoned professionals who are more than capable of answering any questions you may have about the best option for your needs. They can help you with support for a single facility in the Los Angeles area as well as nationwide coverage for any other offices or locations you may have. In addition to access control, our professional installers can assist you with all of your security needs, including video surveillance, biometric access, burglar alarm systems, and more. So let us know how we can assist you, and we’ll connect you with the best installation or integrator for your needs.

Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days

XPressGuards is different from other access control suppliers in that we provide direct online, email, and phone support to our customers for training and technical questions. Our local installation partners are always attentive and available to meet you onsite and help you with any security needs you may have. We like engaging with our consumers and appreciate their suggestions and queries. Because direct consumer feedback is the only way we can continuously improving our product, we take customer service seriously and have teams ready to assist you. Contact us now to get started.

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