Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

An perimeter intrusion detection system is a device/sensor that detects the presence of an intruder attempting to breach the physical perimeter of a secure location. A PIDS is typically found as part of a security system, such as a physical security system and correctional facility, and is often found at airports, nuclear plants, and military bases.

A PIDS typically acts as an early warning system, warning the surveillance system as soon as someone breaches the perimeter of the site and is still outside. In no way should a PIDS replace surveillance cameras. PIDS is used in conjunction with video cameras to provide real-time assessment capabilities. Intruder deterrents which can include things like signage, security lighting, intercom systems, and loudspeakers are often integrated with PIDS.

Perimeter Security Concept

The perimeter security concept is a bit more confused than normal because of its overlap with network and physical security. Within the IT industry, perimeter security deals with identifying and protecting sensitive endpoints and networks. For physical security practitioners, perimeter security is the fundamental concept of physical security.

An outdoors physical perimeter security measure requires a holistic approach which determines the first line of defense where technology is employed to deter, detect, delay and deny. The concept of concentric circles of protection, which involves the use of multiple “rings” or “layers” of protection, plays an integral role in the security.

The first layer is located at the boundary of the site, and each subsequent layer adds to the site’s value. It is a basic concept, but the various advanced technologies available to the end user are as varied as their options are unique.

The same data-gathering and analytics technologies that are driving video surveillance and access control are also providing the foundation for some of the most unique and compelling technologies being developed for the Perimeter Intrusion Detection System and barrier protection marketplace.

Main Types of Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

The main types of Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems include those with a fence or other physical barrier, and those deployed on or in conjunction with a fence or other physical barrier (e.g. DAS cable or other motion sensors mounted on a fence).

Surface-based or ground-based PIDS deployed below the surface (again a DAS cable can be used or pressure sensitive cable or electromagnetic field). These interactions are not physical. Barrier-free PIDS that do not need to be installed on or in connection with an existing physical barrier (e.g. bistatic microwave link).

Rapid Deployment PIDS that are easily deployed during temporary situations; for example, protection of a mobile asset. Typical military applications of DAS sensors, including applications in deployed environments, have had great success.

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