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Hotel owners and operators are well aware that keeping a busy hotel secure is a difficult undertaking. Thousands of tourists and visitors flow in and out of hotels on a near-daily basis. It’s unlikely that the staff will know who is meant to be there and who is searching for trouble. Hotels are a target for theft, vandalism, and violence because to the sheer volume and unpredictability of visitors.

As someone who is responsible for the safety of your hotel’s guests and workers, you must take efforts to minimize the risk of a security threat on the premises. Hotel owners can take a variety of actions to stay ahead of prospective criminals, including hiring experienced security guards to patrol the grounds. To avoid security difficulties at your hotel, start by considering some of the following suggestions:

Why is hotel security such a big deal?

When staying at a hotel, travelers expect their safety and security to be a primary priority. Many tourists, in fact, do not consider security until after an incident has occurred. Hoteliers that do not prioritize security jeopardize more than just their guests’ and workers’ safety.

Following a crime on the premises, law enforcement may order the hotel to close for a period of time. Your firm may face downtime as a result of the incident, which not only inconveniences your customers but also costs you money. Even one offense in today’s era of social media and review sites can result in major damage to your reputation. If someone were to be a victim of a crime on your hotel’s property, a lawsuit could be devastating.

How Can Hotel Security Be Improved?

Outstanding customer service is the backbone of any successful organization; but, did you realize that it can also be the foundation of a sound security strategy? From check-in to check-out, employees should engage guests. It is easier for personnel to recognize whether a guest seems out of place or is acting suspiciously when they take the time to get to know them.

Obtain a comprehensive risk assessment

Security is not always a strong suit for hoteliers. Obtain a risk assessment from a respected private security firm before acquiring equipment or recruiting more personnel. A risk assessment can help you identify your most serious security risks and weaknesses. The security firm can then recommend the appropriate tools, processes, and personnel to meet your specific security requirements.

Make an investment in security technologies

Obsolete or faulty equipment could be construed as an open invitation to a thief. A competent security firm can point you in the direction of the most up-to-date security technologies that will solve your weaknesses. CCTVs, security cameras, and other motion-detecting software can alert you to suspicious activity and help you prevent a crime from happening in the first place. Access control systems allow you to monitor and control restricted areas as well as monitor and control entrances and departures. After a crime has been committed, video evidence can also help law enforcement discover the criminal.

Employees should be trained and empowered

All new-hire training and monthly staff meetings should include a discussion of security. Educating your personnel on how to recognize the symptoms of a security threat can go a long way toward keeping your visitors safe. Employees who are treated well, receive ongoing education, and are given opportunities to advance in their professions feel more empowered. Employees that are empowered are more likely to feel ownership and dedication to you and your company.

Keep an eye on the parking lots

In places like retail malls and hotels, parking lots may be hotbeds of crime. Theft and vandalism are widespread, especially during the evenings and weekends, when thieves are less visible. Non-guests frequently park their automobiles or even camp overnight in unmanaged parking areas. Controlling access to parking lots and garages, as well as installing security cameras, can help hotel owners avoid various security problems.

Employ the services of professional security guards

Private security guard companies are frequently hired by hotel owners to help keep their guests, staff, and property safe. Security guards that have been trained will have a thorough awareness of your security threats. They know how to spot a crime before it happens and deal with suspicious people in a professional manner.

Hotel security guards have a variety of responsibilities

At a hotel, security guards might play a variety of duties. Professional hotel security guards can work in a variety of settings, including:

  • The hotel’s parking lots and surrounds are patrolled by a mobile patrol unit.
  • Criminals are deterred by their appearance.
  • CCTV and security cameras are being monitored.
  • Upon entering the premises, verifying the guest’s credentials.
  • After a security threat has occurred, communicate with law enforcement.
  • Handle rowdy visitors or noise complaints.
  • Guests who require assistance getting to their rooms or vehicles will be escorted.
  • Assisting personnel in dealing with irate customers
  • At night, escorting employees to their automobiles

With the busiest travel months ahead of them, hoteliers should review their present security strategies. Employee training materials should be evaluated to ensure that they are up to date on hotel security protocols. Finally, consider employing a security guard firm to provide you with qualified, experienced guards that understand how to secure your visitors and your business. Contact us now for more information.

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