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Riots and protests were both trending topics around the world in 2020. Especially, in different locations across the U.S protests turned into riots and law enforcement had to do whatever they could to keep order. Because protests turned into riots, people often mix protesters with rioters. This is not correct as there is a fundamental difference between the two groups.

The right to freedom of speech is one of the essential pillars of a democratic society. Limitations must therefore be strictly interpreted and the need for any limitations must be established. In principle, protesters are free to choose the place, time, and structure of their protest. As long as the protest goes peacefully, there is no need to be concerned.

Some Protests Turn into Riots

Even though protests are intended to be peaceful, it often occurs that protests turn into riots. In this case, the rioters have one goal and that is to create as much chaos as possible. Looting stores, destroying cars, throwing rocks at the police are all examples of actions that come from rioters. Since each protest is different, it is difficult to point the exact moment of when a protest turns into a riot. However, fact remains that protesters always intend to voice their message to the public peacefully. Rioters do not care about the peaceful part. Rioters are mainly trying to use the protest as an excuse to steal, damage, or hurt people.

It is difficult for law enforcement to determine whether a person is a rioter or a protester because someone can participate as a peaceful protester but turn into a violent rioter at some point. It is therefore key for law enforcement to do whatever it takes to prevent a protest from escalating and turn into a riot. Contact us to learn more about our business security guard services.

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