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Car theft increased in 2021, and there are no signs that it will decrease in 2022. Police officers are urging people to be watchful in numerous American areas. Preparation before leaving any car unattended may have stopped the majority of these thefts.

Here are our best advice on preventing auto theft:

Video surveillance is the easiest easiest and most efficient approach to employ technology to prevent attacks. Using professionals makes installation simple. Inquire with us about property security cameras that are monitored.

When leaving your vehicle unattended, always lock it (even inside of your garage).  Never forget to take your keys out of the ignition. Never tuck the keys or key fob away inside your car. Keep your house locked and bring your keys inside.

Never leave valuables inside your car, especially if they are visible. Small and concealable items like electronics, cell phones, laptop computers, cameras, GPS units, and sunglasses are sometimes taken in addition to or as an incentive for taking a car. Also, n ever leave a gun inside a moving vehicle.

Your driver’s license, social security card, checkbook, and credit cards, among other forms of identity, should never be left inside your automobile.  Always lock your car’s doors, even when it’s parked inside your garage, and never leave your garage door opener in the car when it’s parked in front of your house.

Consider purchasing a remote starter to keep the doors closed while the car is running if you’re going to warm or cool the car before getting in it.  Set up garage door notifications using home automation to receive alerts on any web-enabled device when it has been unintentionally left open.

You can never be too careful because these auto thieves operate around the clock. Keep in mind the fundamentals, such as keeping your lights on at night and trimming the plants. Less cover means being more visible to pedestrians like your neighbors and security cameras. For more information on how we can keep you and your car safe, get in touch with us.

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