security guards deadly force

Security guards have to make difficult decisions when handling a problematic or dangerous situation. These hard choices involve the use of force.

Even though security guards are trained in how to use a weapon, they are instructed not to reach for their gun unless the situation demands it. That means, there is no other way to handle the situation and stop a criminal or vandal from harming people and/or damaging the property.

Additionally, the law makes it even more difficult to know when to draw a gun. To use a gun at the job, a security guard must have a firearm permit and should be compliant with all federal and state regulations regarding the use of firearms.

Firearms training and license requirements vary from state to state. Most states require security guards to complete a minimum training for the use of firearms. Applying deadly force is the last step in solving a crisis so it’s the last resort. If the situation can be handled without the use of deadly force, it should be done so.

Protect Clients at All Costs

Security guards want to protect their clients at all costs. However, they are often confused as to when it’s appropriate to use a gun. In life-threatening situations, a security guard can shoot a suspect. But they must not shoot a suspect who is retreating or if the situation is not life-threatening.

Making the decision to draw a gun and apply deadly force is always difficult. However, if a dangerous situation cannot be solved in any other way and shooting can save lives, than it is a choice security guards have to make.

This is why proper security guard and firearm training is necessary. A security guard must attempt to deescalate a situation verbally first. If it fails, they will resort to the next steps including the use of deadly force. Contact us for more information.

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