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When most companies consider armed transportation, they usually think only of transportation of money assets. While money transports certainly have a need for armed guards and vehicle security, there are also many other high-dollar assets that also require additional protection.

Companies like bank vaults, treasury vaults, art galleries, and private aircraft are all prime candidates for transportation security services. The added protection provided by an unarmed security service in conjunction with the vehicle security that is required for high dollar assets is a solid combination that provides a higher level of asset security for the company.

Protect Your High Value Assets

As mentioned above, companies dealing with large or high value assets will also benefit from transportation security services. When an armored car is needed to transport these types of assets, both the vehicle security and the asset security are greatly enhanced.

Not only are vehicles protected by bullet-proof glass from criminals, but the protection that’s provided by bullet proof windows is not limited to the transportation of vehicles. Bullet proof glass can be used to protect employees in high crime areas as well. This type of security for high crime locations is not only a way to provide protection for employees, but it is also an excellent method of crime prevention.

Professional Security Measures

In short armed transportation and security is an excellent method for providing extra security and protection for companies dealing with high-dollar and high value assets. These types of extra measures are needed not only to prevent crime against the assets themselves, but to prevent crime from occurring in the first place.

If you are faced with protecting your company from crime, consider having unarmed and armed transportation security. Your company will be much safer and more secure. Contact us now for more information.

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