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Shopping Mall Security Guards – 

Because retailer shrinkage accounts for 1% of sales, shopping mall security guards are critical. Regrettably, theft has been steadily increasing over the last few years. Business owners seeking security guards for shopping malls are constantly concerned about the safety of their employees, their merchandise, and their clients’ shopping experience at the mall.

Armed security guards not only protect the store, but also provide additional security for customers’ belongings while they are inside. Armed security guards for shopping malls contribute to the safety of your customers, and it is their ability to deter crime in your store that keeps them happy.

Guards for Shopping Malls Who Are Well-Trained

Armed security guards provide numerous benefits to shoppers and employees, and not just on the job. We understand the value of a well-trained guard as former police officers. If your business requires a security guard and the local police department does not have a qualified guard available, the police department has the authority to close your business until a suitable guard is found. Obviously, this is costly for your business.

Armed security guards at shopping malls work in conjunction with local law enforcement officials to ensure the safety of your store. When you hire armed security guards for your business, your local police department will have an easier time resolving any crimes or other issues. Additionally, armed security guards can provide additional customer service and security services to ensure your customers’ satisfaction.

Armed Security Professionals

Armed security guards for shopping malls are an excellent alternative to having your store protected by police officers. They are more at ease with customers, understand their concerns, and are capable of responding quickly in an emergency situation. Our security guards will not be wearing the full uniform of a police officer, but they will have the same level of security as if they were working in the community as a police officer.

Our armed security guards are the best option for shoppers because they are professionally trained, bonded, and reasonably priced. Contact XPressguards today to learn more about the level of security we can provide.

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