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Hiring security guards for cemeteries may sound strange at first because we generally don’t think there’s much to protect there. However, we are wrong to think that. Cemeteries are public places, they can be accessed by anyone and are often targeted by vandals and thieves.

It is not uncommon to find all sorts of valuables at cemeteries such as memorials, valuable items left by the family of the deceased, etc. Also, headstones are often damaged by vandals.

Other than thieves and vandals, teens drinking on cemeteries, homeless people looking for a place to sleep, photographers, or even tourists can often be seen at cemeteries. All in all, since cemeteries are publicly accessible, anyone can enter and many of these people do not have good intentions.

This is why security guards are often present at cemeteries. Another reason for cemetery security is the fact that some funerals require additional security. These may be large funerals that attract media attention or are attended by important people, etc. Funeral security may be required for various reasons.

Why Hire Security Guards at a Cemetery?

Security guards prevent vandals and thieves from stealing valuables or damaging headstones. They patrol the cemetery watching out for any suspicious activities.

Security guards who are trained specifically for safeguarding cemeteries are hired to keep an eye on things. If they notice anything suspicious going on, they will immediately attempt to resolve the problem and will report the incident to the authorities if necessary.

A security guard present at a cemetery ensures that the dead are left to rest at peace and that the cemetery property is undamaged.

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