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Car Security at Your Home or Business

Car theft increased in 2021, and there are no signs that it will decrease in 2022. Police officers are urging people to be watchful in numerous American areas. Preparation before leaving any car unattended may have stopped the majority of these thefts. Here are our best advice on preventing auto theft: Video surveillance is the easiest easiest […]

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Smart Commercial CCTV Surveillance

Your company cannot afford to lose resources, time, or money as a result of theft and vandalism. Introducing your company to intelligent video surveillance with video verification will help prevent crime and save your business from large losses. In the past, the only available video monitoring alternatives were recorded surveillance camera footage …

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Benefits of Employee Background Checks

Information evolves with time, as we have seen. Here are some updated details that your company can use to carry out expert background checks . Why Background Checks Performed by Professionals are Vital Now: Access to courthouses is restricted as a result of the pandemic, making it difficult to obtain records on your own. For […]

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Boost School and Campus Security

The pandemic has had an impact on our country’s academic institutions, and administrators are juggling professor, student, and family needs with state and federal regulations. The new $81 billion education rescue plan is assisting our nation’s schools in resuming operations while taking into account the need for long-term security and h …

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Suggestions for Improving the Security of Your Retail Space

Suggestions for Improving the Security of Your Retail Space – It’s difficult to succeed in retail. Your space must not only look good, have a certain flow, and appeal to the masses, but it must also be a safe environment for customers, vendors, and your retail employees, in addition to being profitable. To learn about […]

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Is Your Business Secure As You Think It Is?

Have you ever wondered what a criminal searches for when they decide to target your company? Many times, we go about our daily lives without considering how criminal activity has evolved, how our businesses have changed, or what new security technology is available. Consider what has changed in your company since you last had your […]

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