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Enhance Hotel Safety With Security Guards

Enhance Hotel Safety – Hotel owners and operators are well aware that keeping a busy hotel secure is a difficult undertaking. Thousands of tourists and visitors flow in and out of hotels on a near-daily basis. It’s unlikely that the staff will know who is meant to be there and who is searching for trouble. […]

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Security Guards for Apartments & Condos

Security Guards for Apartments – No matter where we go, our personal safety and security is a concern. But there is one location where we want to feel safe at all times: our homes. Apartment managers have a duty to keep their tenants safe and secure when they are on the premises. This can, however, […]

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Hire a Fire Watch Guard For Your Company

Hire a Fire Watch Guard – With fires raging over the West Coast, many people are concerned about their safety. Fire watch security should be a crucial component of your safety and security strategies as a business or property owner. The difference between protection and disaster might be determined by whether or not you engage […]

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How to Avoid a Robbery at Your Place of Business

Business Security Guard Services – A commercial robbery can result in more than simply financial damages. It has the potential to harm your employees’ morale as well as your company’s reputation. Before a crime occurs, it is vital that company owners take efforts to avoid robberies at their establishment. Few businesses are unaffect …

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Security For Hospitals in Hollywood, Florida

Hollywood, Florida Security Services For Your Hospital – Security specialists in the healthcare industry are tasked with “hardening up” soft targets in hospitals . A risk assessment is the first step in developing a complete hospital security plan. In a physical examination of the facilities, security personnel look for more vulnera …

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Drone Security Services in Miami, Florida

Drone Security Services in Miami – We live in the digital age, where we have access to a wealth of high-quality technology , so why not use it to help keep you secure, whether you’re a business owner, an event organizer, or an individual? In a variety of settings, XPressGuards Security Services has handled and […]

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