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Fire prevention protects both lives and property, which is why it is a high-priority. To prevent financial loss and protect your employees, you need skilled fire watch guards.

At XpressGuards, we offer 24/7 fire watch services if necessary to protect your business and save lives. With offices in Miami as well as nationwide, we offer high-quality fire watch services in all 50 states.

What is a Fire Watch Guard?

Fire watch is a service in which a trained and licensed fire watch guard physically checks a building and other properties for fire hazards. Fire watch guards are trained in detecting fire hazards and implementing measures to eliminate fire threats.

Fire watch guards in Miami are hired to patrol a building when anti-fire systems such as fire alarm, are malfunctioning. In that case, a fire watch guard is employed to patrol the premises on the lookout for fire risks until the fire alarm system is back on. They remain on-site, patrolling, and keeping a log of what they observe until everything is back in order.

Fire watch guards are hired to protect people and businesses from fire outbreaks. In case of a fire outbreak, a guard will immediately alert the fire department and evacuate the premises to protect employees. They also act to minimize property damage and financial loss.

Fire watch guards perform the following duties:

  • Patrolling your building or facility at regular intervals
  • Checking your fire equipment to ensure everything is in order
  • Recording relevant information after every shift
  • In case of fire, contacting the local fire department
  • Working with the fire department to minimize the damage

Fire watch guards are hired to protect hotels, business complexes, construction sites, hospitals, restaurants, schools, concert venues, and other facilities.

Why Do People Hire Fire Watch Guards in Miami?

Hiring fire watch guards in buildings and construction sites is mandatory in some places. When the fire equipment is malfunctioning and thus posing a fire risk, businesses are obliged to hire fire watch guards to patrol the premises and detect fire hazards.

Failing to do so exposes you to the risk of getting a hefty fine and even having your business shut down by authorities.

By hiring fire watch guards to secure your building, not only do you protect your employees’ lives and your expensive equipment, but you also avoid getting a fine and having to shut down the doors of your business for good.

Fire watch guards in Miami are often hired at construction sites where there is hot work involved and, therefore, a high risk of fire outbreaks.

Benefits of Hiring Fire Watch Guards in Miami

Fire prevention should not be taken lightly. When there is a faulty fire alarm, smoke detectors, or sprinkles, that means your business is at a higher risk of a fire outbreak. Fire can not only take lives but can also cause severe financial loss from which your business might never recover.

Being negligent and not employing fire watch guards in case of faulty fire equipment can have severe consequences and could put you out of business in an instant. You may even be at risk of a lawsuit.

Fire watch guards are highly-trained and experienced in fire protection. They will quickly detect a faulty fire system and fire hazards thus protecting you and your employees from harm.

Given that construction sites are usually filled with high-value equipment, businesses cannot afford to risk a fire outbreak. Taking all the necessary safety measures to minimize that risk is essential. By doing so, businesses comply with the local regulations, avoid fines, and protect both their property and their employees.

Why Hire XpressGuards Fire Watch Guards in Miami?

There is no playing with fire. When it comes to fire watch, you want the highest-quality professionals to ensure that all fire risks are identified and proper safety measures are taken to protect your employees and your property.

At XpressGuards, we take our fire watch duties very seriously. With decades of experience in providing fire watch service, we have prevented fires and protected countless businesses before.

Don’t wait for a fire to occur to realize what you need to do. Contact us to talk about securing your business and protecting your employees. We provide 24/7 fire watch service.

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