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Protecting your business, your employees, and your inventory is essential to prevent any losses that may affect your company. The purpose of fire watch security is precisely that, to protect your assets and your employees and ensure their safety.

There are situations in which fire watch security is legally necessary, such as on construction sites or if fire safety equipment is not working properly. At XpressGuards, we apply all our knowledge and skill to protect your company and your employees from fire outbreaks.

Professionally Trained Fire Watch Guards in Los Angeles

A fire watch security guard in Los Angeles is a trained professional responsible for reducing fire risks and conducting fire watch services. They are usually hired by companies that are experiencing fire alarm system failure or fire sprinklers malfunction to identify potential risks and protect both the employees and the property.

The role of a fire watch guard is essential because a single incident caused by neglect could lead to injury and property damage. While property can be restored, lost lives can’t. A fire watch guard’s job is to patrol and monitor your premises and prevent accidents.

What Does a Fire Watch Guard Do in Los Angeles?

A fire watch guard specializes in identifying fire risks and preventing them. They patrol the premises, identify potential risks, and report them. In case of a fire outbreak, fire watch guards lead the occupants to safety. They do so by performing a series of duties which include:

  • Patrolling the premises
  • Watching out for any safety concerns and reporting them
  • Checking fire safety equipment
  • Making sure that all exits remain clear at all times
  • Keeping a record after every patrol
  • Evacuating the premises in case of a fire

Why You Should Hire a Fire Watch Guard in Los Angeles?

Fire watch guards are necessary when you fear your company is at risk of fire. Hiring a licensed fire watch guard ensures the safety of your employees as well as your property since they are trained to prevent fire outbreaks and minimize the damage.

The services of fire watch guards are also needed in construction sites which are known to be dangerous, or on sites with flammable materials, toxic waste, and chemicals that could lead to an accident.

Hiring a fire watch guard is also recommended for hotels, restaurants, schools, offices, malls, etc. These fire watch professionals assist in maintaining fire safety systems, identify fire risks, ensure that hallways and exits are clear in case of an emergency, and continuously monitor the premises.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Fire Watch Guard in Los Angeles?

One of the greatest benefits of hiring fire watch guards is protecting your employees or guests, and protecting your property. A fire watch guard is trained to detect risks and malfunctions that could lead to disastrous accidents, and thus prevent them from happening. They provide peace of mind knowing that a professional is overlooking your premises and will take the necessary steps to prevent any damage.

Benefits of hiring fire watch guards include:

  • Trained and licensed fire watch guards that stay alert and vigilant at all times
  • Fast response time in case of an emergency: in case of a fire, fire watch guards immediately activate the fire alarm and inform the fire department
  • Evacuation: in case of a fire outbreak, fire watch guards notify all occupants of the event and instruct them to move towards the nearest exist
  • Reduced liability for any damages: having fire watch guards in place reduces your liability for any damages that may result from a fire

Why You Should Hire XpressGuards for Your Fire Watch Guard Needs in Los Angeles?

Fire watch guards in Los Angeles save lives, protect your assets, and reduce liability for the company. However, this only applies if they are properly trained and skilled.

At XpressGuards, we have one of the best fire watch teams available in the country, which is why we are one of the top-rated security companies nationwide. We are fully equipped to identify any fire risks and manage any dangerous situation while minimizing damages. We operate 24/7 to ensure the safety of all our clients and their employees.

Protecting your assets is easier than ever. Call  or message us today to talk about how we can help you increase safety.

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