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What we do Employee Termination Security Guards in Dallas, TX

XPressGuards is the #1 employee termination security guard company in Dallas, TX. With over 600 offices, we offer 24/7 employee security services in all 50 states.

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Employee Termination Security Guards
Our nationwide employee termination security guards are professionally trained and fully equipped to handle your security needs. We offer employee termination security for small businesses and large corporations. Get the security services you need. Call now to get started.

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24 Hour Employee Termination Security
Are you looking for the best 24 hour employee termination company in the nation? Look no further. At XPressGuards, our security teams are available 24/7 to secure your business and employees. We offer armed and unarmed security guards. Call now to request a free quote.

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Our emergency employee termination security guards have decades of experience. We specialize in providing businesses with professional emergency security services at an affordable price. Our emergency security guards are trained to deal with violent employees. Call now.

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Employee Termination Security Guards

Are you still looking for the best employee termination security company in Dallas, TX? Look no further. Our nationwide employee termination security guards are available 24/7 to protect your business,  and we’re fully licensed and insured.

At XPressGuards, we take your employee security very seriously. Hiring a security team during employee termination in Dallas, TX will help you protect your business, merchandise, and keep you and your active employees safe.

You Should Hire Our Employee Termination Security If:

  • If you don’t currently have employee security setup
  • If you want to ensure that no one is put in danger during layoffs
  • If you’re obligated to hire security guards for insurance purposes
  • If you’re running a high-risk business with disgruntled employees
  • If you’re a consultant hired to layoff staff at a company
  • If you need to establish a solid defense plan during layoffs
  • To minimize business liability

Working with our employee termination security teams in Dallas, TX decreases the likelihood of a crime taking place. If you’re looking for the best way to provide safety and insurance against harm, contact our employee termination security guards now.

We Also Offer Security Guards For:

  • Retail stores
  • Hotels
  • Shopping malls
  • Cruise ships
  • The entertainment industry
  • Restaurants
  • Business events
  • Construction sites
  • Factories
  • High Schools & Colleges
  • Nursing homes + more

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We offer high-quality employee termination security throughout Dallas, TX, ranging from small businesses to large corporations. XPressGuards has also been in the security industry for over 12 years, so we have plenty of experience in any situation imaginable. We offer armed or unarmed security, and we’re available 24/7.

Whatever your needs are, we have the expertise to handle it professionally. We have over six hundred locations to serve your needs in all 50 states. You can contact us now using our contact form, or call us 24/7. Request a quote now and discover how XPressGuards can help you secure your business and your employees safety in Dallas, TX.

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Available 24/7 Employee Termination Security Guards

Employee Termination Security Guards Dallas, TX

XPressGuards security provides trained security personnel to protect employees in Dallas, TX. Extensive training for security guards ensures the highest level of protection for any workplace during terminations. A standard employee safety procedure can help improve security, protect personnel, and prevent any untoward incident during difficult employee terminations. Employers can rest assured that their safety procedures are in place to ensure the optimal safety of all employees during difficult employee terminations because XPressGuards security provides the highest level of protection with its experienced guards.

Hiring security guards from XPressGuards protects employees from violent coworkers and ensures the business’s continued safety. As a member of the site’s team, security guards can dress in casual attire or a suit. Having an additional security team at the office provides a safe buffer between terminated employees and other team members, as well as a secure environment for clients and businesses in Dallas, TX.

XPressGuards security guards can assist in preventing the occurrence of potential risk situations, such as interpersonal conflicts between employees and theft. Our security guards in Dallas, TX are trained to handle such situations professionally and will be able to safeguard the safety of all parties involved. Overall, the presence of security guards at the workplace can provide additional security, ensuring that everyone feels safe while on-site.

Visible Guards For Your Workplace

Visible security personnel can serve as a deterrent against potential criminals and hostile individuals, as their presence serves as a reminder to stay safe. Armed guards may also be necessary in certain circumstances. Many businesses in Dallas, TX have chosen to employ professional security officers to protect their premises and employees. Having a security guard present during employee terminations protects both the employer and the employee from any potential dangers that may arise if an individual becomes hostile.

Plain clothes guards are also available for those who prefer less conspicuous protection without compromising the aesthetics of their workplace. Overall, hiring quality security personnel is essential for ensuring workplace safety, and it’s important to ensure that you’re hiring experienced security guards with the required credentials for your specific needs.

During risky employee terminations, the possibility of workplace violence is frequently a major concern in Dallas, TX. Employers can create a secure environment and prevent violence by employing security guards to monitor the situation on the premises. It is necessary to implement security measures that meet the needs of both employees and customers.

Protect Your Company and Employees

Employers can feel confident that their business in Dallas, TX is protected from any threat or disruption if they have secure office space and well-trained employees. The presence of security guards also communicates that employers care about their employees’ safety and are willing to take preventative measures to ensure the security of their workplace.

Security guards from XPressGuards in Dallas, TX instill a sense of safety and security in employees, clients, and personnel. A visible armed security guard can aid in preventing or reducing the likelihood of employee injury or worse. In addition to mobile surveillance and protective security personnel, employees can be safeguarded against physical threats and retaliatory violence with these measures. When employees return to work after being absent due to illness, vacation, etc., security guards provide protection to reduce the risk of potential threats or acts of violence against them.

If you desire, our security guards can provide a uniformed presence to deter potential workplace violence in Dallas, TX. If necessary, security officers from a professional security firm, such as XPressGuards, can also provide access to firearms. Having a guard present during the termination of an employee reduces any potential tension between the firing staff and the terminated employee. Having uniformed security guards gives everyone a sense of safety and ensures that interactions remain civil. Contact us for additional information regarding our employee termination security guards in Dallas, TX.

Employee Termination Security Service
Employee Termination Security Service
Employee Termination Security Guards
Employee Termination Security Guards
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Best Security Guard Company

Employee Termination Security Frequently Asked Questions

The process of terminating employees doesn’t always go smoothly and without complications. The situation can easily escalate into a conflict which can lead to workplace violence and property damage. No one wants that.

Smooth Process

Employee termination security exists to help ensure a smooth employee termination process. An employee termination security officer is a professional who ensures that employment termination goes without consequences.

Employee termination security guards will prevent any undesirable action coming from the employee who is being fired. The presence of such a security officer will deter the employee from trying to attack the manager/person who is terminating their employment or from trying to steal or damage company property. Contact us for more information.

Firing someone is never a pleasant task, and it can be dangerous too. An employee termination security guard will ensure your safety while you’re giving the employee the bad news. Although disappointed, most people will peacefully accept their employment termination. However, since we can’t always predict how a person may react, we must be prepared for possible violent reactions.

An Employee Security Officer:

  • Protects you while terminating an employee
  • Ensures employee termination is done in private (no one wants to be stared at in the hallway when receiving the bad news!)
  • Prevents the fired employee from stealing anything or damaging company property
  • Monitors who comes in and goes out of the property to prevent the terminated employee from returning

Contact us for more information about our employee termination security guards.

Unfortunately, firing an employee does come with a risk. It is not a rare occurrence that a fired employee turns on the person who fired them, assaults them and the other employees, damages the property or worst (actually kills someone). That is why having professional protection is a must in such instances.

Prevent The Worst Outcome

This is especially important when dealing with employees who have a record of violent behavior in the workplace, and who have thus been identified as high-risk employees. Having employee termination security guards by your side will help prevent the worst outcome.

If you hire an employee termination security officer, you’ll be able to deliver the bad news to the employee without fear of assault and retribution. The presence of a security guard will deter any violent activity not just when you fire them but later too.

Sometimes, an angry fired employee will return days later and attempt an assault or theft. A security guard will keep an eye on everyone coming in and out of the premises so they’ll be able to act immediately if they notice a terminated employee has returned.

Having An Employee Termination Security Guard In Place Means That:

  • Employee termination will go more smoothly
  • Violent reactions are prevented
  • You and everyone in the company are safe
  • The security guard will prevent the fired employee from entering the premises again

How many employee termination security guards do you need? Contact us for pricing.

You need someone to have your back while you’re giving an employee the bad news. XPressGuards has dealt with this countless of times before, and we know just what to do to protect you and your employees.

To prevent any troubles when and after terminating an employee, you need professional assistance. We happen to be experts when it comes to security services which is why we are one of the top-ranked security companies in the country.

Highly Trained Security

XPressGuards is a team of highly-trained security guards prepared to handle any security issue in the workplace. We will be by your side when you deliver the bad news and we will remain vigilant afterward to ensure the fired employee doesn’t come back to hurt you in any way. Contact us today to find out how we can help you. We’re available 24/7!

<span> 12,000+ </span> Employee Security
12,000+ Employee Security

XPresssGuards is the largest full service employee termination security company in the United States. Our employee security guards are available 24/7. Call or message XPressGuards now to get started!

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We Also Provide Security Guard Services For:

  • Hotels/motels
  • Shopping centers
  • Hospitals
  • Construction sites
  • Business complexes
  • Apartments and Condominiums
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Restaurants
  • Concert Venues and more…

Nationwide #1 Employee Termination Security Company

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James Bell
Operations Manager

"I've been working with XPressGuards for a little over a year now and they're very professional. Easy security company to work with and the security guards are always very alert. I highly recommend their services, and their private security top notch."

Patrick Hadid
Construction Site Manager

"Our construction site needs year round security. It's a very big construction project in Midtown New York, and XPressGuards offers the best full service security service we found within our budget. I can vouch for XPressGuards. We hope to continue a long relationship with this security firm."

Steven Firestone
Hotel Manager

"Working with XPressGuards has helped our Hotel in so many ways. XPressGuards is reasonably priced and highly respected in Los Angeles. The first thing that caught our attention was the way everyone was so knowledgeable and very professional. First class security company."

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