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Suggestions for Improving the Security of Your Retail Space

Suggestions for Improving the Security of Your Retail Space – It’s difficult to succeed in retail. Your space must not only look good, have a certain flow, and appeal to the masses, but it must also be a safe environment for customers, vendors, and your retail employees, in addition to being profitable. To learn about […]

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Is Your Business Secure As You Think It Is?

Have you ever wondered what a criminal searches for when they decide to target your company? Many times, we go about our daily lives without considering how criminal activity has evolved, how our businesses have changed, or what new security technology is available. Consider what has changed in your company since you last had your […]

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Do This If Your Business Has Been Broken Into

Has Your Business Been Broken Into? – We’ve gone through ways to avoid break-ins and keep your facility safe, but some crooks are persistent and will try to break in even on the safest grounds. What should you do if your business has been broken into? Notify the authorities and file a police report When […]

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Is Do-It-Yourself Security Risky?

Is DIY Security Smart For Businesses? –  You need to run and safeguard your (small) business . You’ve looked into DIY security systems online, but they’re not as simple to set up as they appear. Putting in the work to become a “expert” over night could be costly now and much more costly later (think […]

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Services Services and Mobile Patrols

Mobile Patrol Security Guard Services –  Many new security innovations , such as robots that can watch a business and cell phone apps that track local crime, can keep you informed about questionable activities. Despite all of these advancements, successful business owners continue to employ mobile security patrols to safeguard their operations. …

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Concierge Security Guard Services

Concierge Security Guard Services – It’s all about quality when it comes to concierge security. Customer connection is critical, unlike in a parking lot or on a mobile patrol . Your officer must be well-dressed, friendly, and knowledgeable. They must be up to date on your building’s specific policies. They must also be able to […]

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