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Benefits of Loss Prevention Security in Florida

Loss Prevention Security – Preventing damage and losses at your business and ensuring your staff is safe is crucial for success. This is what loss prevention is for. Loss prevention involves a set of measures taken to prevent profit loss. In case you’ve wondered what the benefits of loss prevention are, the answer is there […]

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When And How To Hire a Bodyguard?

Hire a Bodyguard – Hiring a bodyguard is easier than you think. Watching the movies and TV shows, you might come to think that bodyguards are for the elite, the wealthy individuals who are at risk because of their fame and net worth. The reality is different. Professional bodyguards are available to everyone who feels […]

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Top Questions to Ask a Security Company Before Hiring Them

Top Questions to Ask a Security Company – Thinking about hiring security services? Smart choice, but what’s the best way to hire a security company? Should you just go ahead and hire the first security company you found on Google or that someone recommended? Or should you prepare some questions to help you make a […]

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How Much Does a 24 Hour Bodyguard Cost in Florida?

Bodyguard Service in Florida – Hiring bodyguard services is not uncommon, especially among celebrities and politicians who are in the public eye and often have reasons for added protection. We tend to think that hiring bodyguards is something only the wealthy do. However, nowadays, hiring bodyguards is for everyone. Many individuals have valid …

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Should Security Guards Be Armed?

Armed Security Guard Services – Most businesses these days have some type of security to ensure the safety of their employees and equipment . You have probably seen both security guards with guns and those without. This depends on the security threats a business is facing. Not everyone agrees that security guards should carry guns […]

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Top Reasons to Hire Retail Security Guards

Top Reasons to Hire Retail Security Guards – The presence of security guards is necessary for most businesses, retail stores included. In fact, retailers have even more reasons to hire a security officer. Why you might wonder? First of all, retails stores are busy places. People come in and out all day. With all that […]

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