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Fast Food Restaurant Security

Fast Food Security Services –  They are staffed by crews of young adults or adolescents and operate late at night or 24 hours a day . They are predominantly cash-based companies with a high rate of workplace violence against employees. They are strategically positioned on key thoroughfares to provide fast service. Customers will appreciate how […]

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How Do Private Security Services Help Warehouses?

Warehouses Security Guard Services –  Warehouse and container theft damages the US economy between $15 and $30 billion dollars per year, according to a recent research. It’s a problem that affects almost every industry, with an average loss of $254,800 each event. According to a recent NRF survey, inventory decline alone costs businesses …

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Preventing Theft at Shipping Ports

Shipping Port Security Guards – This holiday season, a shipping backlog and supply chain concerns have spelled disaster for ports. Container ships are clogging docks around the country, and cargo from Asia is being rerouted to ports in other areas of the country in some towns. This stalemate has contributed to recent consumer price increases […]

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The Advantages of Using a Hybrid Security Strategy

Hybrid Security Strategy – An on-site security presence (i.e. armed/unarmed guards, foot patrols) is combined with off-site monitoring services in a hybrid security strategy (i.e. video surveillance). Using a hybrid security strategy has a number of advantages. Using a combination of on-site guards and remote surveillance can work as a force mu …

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Duties of Security Guards in Texas

Duties of a Security Guard in Texas – Visible Presence is Important A security officer’s role is to ensure that he or she is plainly visible to others in the neighborhood of the place they’re guarding. This serves as a disincentive to criminal activity. Most shoplifters , burglars, muggers, and other criminals would think twice […]

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Do Private Security and Law Enforcement Work Together?

Private Security and Law Enforcement Have a Symbiotic Relationship – The government is represented by police (law enforcement) officers (local, county, state, or federal). Private businesses and individuals are represented by security officers. Police personnel are responsible for enforcing the law. On their allocated site, security officers en …

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