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What Does a Professional Bodyguard Do?

A bodyguard (or close protection officer) is a type of security guard , government law enforcement officer, or soldier who protects a person or a group of people – usually high-ranking public officials or officers, wealthy people, and celebrities — from danger: generally theft, assault, kidnapping, assassination, harassment, loss of confidenti …

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Security During The COVID-19 Pandemic

With the advent of the Coronavirus, businesses are seeing the need for a heightened security presence . Now more than ever, security companies are being called upon to deliver uninterrupted service. Security guards are also expected to practice situational awareness to maintain security and safety. At XPressGuards, we are available to assist retail, …

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How We Implement Security Compliance

Having security compliance is very important. Knowing the dos and don’ts can prevent us from losing customers, lawsuits, or ruining our company’s reputation. Laws and regulations differ in every state. So we do research when taking a contract with each company so they will be protected. Here are some actions we use within our company. […]

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4 Security Strategies We Have Implemented

We don’t always know what our potential clients want within their security hire. But there are many strategies we, at XPressGuards, use to understand their needs. Here are four approaches we take to get to know more about your business . Research is Key Everyone knows that having more information is a plus. If your […]

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Why Hospital Security Guards Are a Must During COVID-19

A hospital is a public space that tends to have an open-door policy or environment. This kind of operation makes hospitals more susceptible than most other public places for intrusion, robberies, and violence. Although hospitals also use surveillance systems, these alone are not enough for situations that may require immediate human intervention. H …

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Discover How to Keep Your Business Secure

Security is one of the most important factors when running a business or owning a property. If you neglect to adopt the best security practices for your organization’s physical location, you might be leaving your business open to an attack. Here are some steps to ensure that you create a safe secure environment. Risk Assessment […]

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